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Home of the Ergonomic, Adjustable Height Workbench with an easy-to-use Mobile Base

The Jack Bench has been featured on FineWoodworking.com and The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips on PBS.

The Jack Bench is a versatile, customizable workbench that is adjustable height, mobile, and built with ergonomics in mind. After you build this workbench, you’ll never need another one. Not only can you find plans for the Jack Bench here, but you can also find other useful resources and information for woodworkers of all skill levels.

My name is Charlie Kocourek and I am the show chairman of the Northern Woods Exhibition and a past president of the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild. I designed the Jack Bench so that it could be used in my small woodworking shop as I don’t have room for multiple benches of varying heights. When I showed it at a local show, there was an overwhelming response from people about how much they liked the bench and that they wanted one for their own use. And so here you are, welcome to Jack Bench. I hope you find what you are looking for, or get an idea of your own. And I wish the best of luck to you in all your woodworking endeavors. Here’s to a lifetime of learning and fun.

About the Jack Bench

Customizable Adjustable Height Workbench PlansThe Jack Bench is an adjustable height workbench that utilizes an automotive scissor jack to raise and lower the height of the bench and a motorcycle jack to lift the bench up so that it can be wheeled around. And while there are a few other tables and even workbenches that can be adjusted, there are some things that come with this workbench design that make it stand out from the rest:

  • This workbench easilyadjusts from 29″ – 43″ high, depending on which type of scissor jacks you use.
  • It is ROCK SOLID even when it is adjusted to 43″ high.
  • Ergonomic workbench. Work at whatever height – standing or sitting – is best for you.
  • It is very heavy and sturdy! Mine weighs between 350 and 400 pounds! This is why a Mobile Base is integrated in the workbench design. Anyone can easilypick it up off the floor and move it around. Wheel it outside to work in the sun, clean up around it, or use your two-car garage as a shop and a place to park your cars.
  • It operates very easily. Anyone can adjust this workbench height. You can even operate it with a cordless drill.
  • This bench was designed with all types of woodworking in mind, including carving, marquetry, veneer work, hand planing, assembly work, use as an outfeed table, etc. But the design is great for many different crafts, hobbies, and other activities.
  • This workbench allows anyone to add whatever they might need to make their bench work for them. You’d rather have a leg vise than a face vise? Go ahead. Square or round bench dogs? Your choice. Want bench dogs in the middle of the top for holdfasts? By all means.
  • I pride myself on offering PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE and help with any questions while building your bench.

The primary reason I designed and built the first Jack Bench was so that I could have an adjustable height workbench that would be good for ergonomics. Now, while some people may argue that a tall or adjustable height workbench is unnecessary, they will also readily admit that there are no firm rules on the topic. To each their own. And if you have a bad back or limited room in your workshop, do what’s best for you. So I did.

Additionally, beyond just the height adjustment ergonomics, it has also been designed so that it has sufficient foot space – you can get right up to your workbench, see what you’re working on, and not bang your feet against the base.

DIY Workbench Plans

The Jack-Bench Adjustable Height Workbench Plans are complete and easy to understand. They are professional CAD drawings on 11”x17” ledger size sheets and have been examined for accuracy by a mechanical engineer who has numerous patents to his name. They come with exploded views, cut list, hardware list with recommended vendors, paper templates for cutting bench dogs, and very detailed instructions, tips and techniques on how to build one.

When you order plans for your own Jack Bench, they will usually ship out the same day and always in no more than two days. I guarantee it. And I offer free shipping anywhere in the world!