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Workbench Plans for

The Adjustable Height Workbench with a

 Built in Mobile Base


About the Jack Bench


This workbench easily adjusts from 29" - 43" high



It is very heavy and very solid!  Which is why a Mobile Base is integrated in the workbench design.  Anyone can easily pick it up off the floor and move it around.



This bench was designed with woodworking in mind, but this workbench design is great for many different crafts, hobbies and activites.



There are a few other tables and even workbenches that can be adjusted, but there are some things about this workbench design that make this one stand out from the rest:


  • It is ROCK SOLID even when it is adjusted to 43" high


  • It operates very easily.  Anyone can adjust this workbench height.   You can even operate it with a cordless drill.


  • It has a built in mobile base, and again, anyone can operate it.


  • You can build one yourself!


  • PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE and help with any questions while building your bench.




Workbench  Plans


The Jack-Bench Adjustable Height Workbench Plans are very good, clear, complete, and easy to understand.  They are drawn on ledger size sheets, they have exploded views, a cut list, a hardware list with recommended vendors, paper templates for cutting the bench dogs, and very detailed instructions on how to build one.




Comments on the Workbench Plans


Hello Charlie,


I found your plans absolutely excellent!  Every issue was addressed and every detail presented in a logical manner.  I truly want to thank you for developing the Jack Bench concept and for delivering such a great set of plans!


Ken Nichols

Jasper, GA






First let me thank you for the quick turnaround on the plan set.  I am always skeptical on what to expect when it comes to ordering plans.  You have outdone everyone else. Your plans and explanation of the steps are top-notch. 



Brian P.

Olympia, WA. 





More Comments on the Jack Bench


"Thanks Charlie- I admire your thorough style and excellent customer service" - J.R.


"Thanks for a great design and clear prints and instructions" - T.A.


"Got the plans and am very impressed" - B.F.


"Thanks for the speedy e-mail reply, and for getting the plans out to me so quickly" - M.H.


Plans "are very clear, thorough and well written.  Well done!"  - L.S.


"Perfect"  - C.B.


"The design is excellent" - I.B.


"This is the exact thing I have been looking for!"  - L.


"Received plans and am most impressed with the content" - R.H.


"This is Beautiful - Jack Bench!"  - S.K


"I like the Micro-Adjstability of your design"  - P.A.


"Thanks a million Charlie" - L.S.


"Wow!!"  - Mike S.


"I want one!"  - B.T.


"Thanks so much for making your very clever bench available to the rest of us" - R.M.


"Cool workbench"  - I.A.


"Love your design - Very nice bench"  - J.D.


"Great bench"  - D.H.


"This will work perfectly for my shop..."  - J.S.


"Innovative!"  - G.I.


"This bench is fantastic!"  - C.B.


"Awesome workbench!"  - J.C.


"This is an incredible bench!"  - C.L.





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