Adjustable Height Workbench

Adjustable Height Workbench - The Jack BenchWhen I was in the planning stage for the Jack Bench, one criteria for it was that it had to be height adjustable. I don’t have enough room in my basement workshop for multiple benches with different heights. And different activities call for different working heights. Detail work like carving, marquetry, veneer work, etc., call for a taller workbench, while heavy work such as hand planing is best on a bench that is a bit lower. So I wanted a bench that could be multiple heights for different projects, or steps in a single project. When this workbench is set to a very low height, it makes a great assembly table for large or awkward pieces. And with table heights ranging from 29” to 43” inches off the ground, the Jack Bench can accommodate virtually every project imaginable.

Versatile Workbench For Smaller Shops

Also, when my bench is at my preferred working height, it is higher than some of my power tools such as my table saw and band saw. And the problem was the workbench kept getting in the way of large pieces when I would run them through either of the saws. So then I would always have to move either the saw or my workbench to prevent that. And that was really inconvenient! But now, even though my bench is now on wheels, I don’t have to worry about moving it out of the way anymore. I just lower the Jack Bench and in my case am able to use it as an in-feed table as well. By locating your workbench behind your table saw you could also use it as an out-feed table. This gives me some much need versatility in my small shop, having a workbench that also doubles as an in-feed table. And really, it doesn’t matter how big or small someone’s shop is, every conceivable space should be utilized efficiently.

Workbench for Any Height User or Activity

Another great reason for people to have an adjustable height workbench, besides versatility, is that it allows for people of different heights to use is. I think it’s great for people to build their own workbench as each one can be customized to the individual. And, especially for people just starting out in their woodworking journey, it helps them develop the skills and techniques that will allow them to do other projects. Typically, when someone builds their own workbench, it’s designed for their height alone. With an adjustable height workbench, it can be shared by multiple people. No matter if you have children or grandchildren who like to join you in the shop, a friend or a spouse, the adjustable height ability of the Jack Bench makes it easy for everyone to work at their most comfortable level, no matter what task they’re doing.

I know of guys who stand up all day at their job, and their wife sits all day at her job(and vise-versa), but they both like to work in their shop. One may want to stand at the workbench, while the other likes to sit. They love the Jack Bench because it allows them to both get a change of pace from what they normally do all week.

The other primary reason for why I wanted an adjustable height bench is really quite simple: my back hurt. I was doing a lot of carving in the time leading up to me designing and building the Jack Bench. And all the time I was spending hunched over was really getting hard on my back. So I wanted a system that would raise my bench up and alleviate some of the pain in my back. And the Jack Bench is what I came up with. It’s also great for people whose eyesight is not as strong as it once was, in that they can raise up their workbench to get a closer look without stooping over to see their work.

The bench was designed for my needs in mind, but it turns out that many other people have those same needs. So it doesn’t matter if you’re 5’3” or 6’3”, everyone can use the same workbench comfortably. My family does, and we really like it.