Comments on the Workbench Plans

Hello Charlie,

I found your plans absolutely excellent! Every issue was addressed and every detail presented in a logical manner. I truly want to thank you for developing the Jack Bench concept and for delivering such a great set of plans!

Ken Nichols – Jasper, GA


First let me thank you for the quick turnaround on the plan set. I am always skeptical on what to expect when it comes to ordering plans. You have outdone everyone else. Your plans and explanation of the steps are top-notch. Thanks!

Brian P. – Olympia, WA

“Thanks Charlie – I admire your thorough style and excellent customer service” – J.R.

“Thanks for a great design and clear prints and instructions” – T.A.

“Got the plans and am very impressed” – B.F.

“Thanks for the speedy e-mail reply, and for getting the plans out to me so quickly” – M.H.

Plans “are very clear, thorough and well written. Well done!” – L.S.

“Perfect” – C.B.

“The design is excellent” – I.B.

“This is the exact thing I have been looking for!” – L.

“Received plans and am most impressed with the content” – R.H.

“This is Beautiful – Jack Bench!” – S.K

“I like the Micro-Adjstability of your design” – P.A.

“Thanks a million Charlie” – L.S.

“Wow!!” – Mike S.

“I want one!” – B.T.

“Thanks so much for making your very clever bench available to the rest of us” – R.M.

“Cool workbench” – I.A.

“Love your design – Very nice bench” – J.D.

“Great bench” – D.H.

“This will work perfectly for my shop…” – J.S.

“Innovative!” – G.I.

“This bench is fantastic!” – C.B.

“Awesome workbench!” – J.C.

“This is an incredible bench!” – C.L.