Jack Bench Workbench Videos

Adjustable Height Workbench Plans Description

In this video I show exactly what is included in a set of workbench plans.

Adjusting Workbench Height with a Cordless Drill

This video shows how easy it is to adjust your workbench height with a cordless drill. I also demonstrate the mobile base that is included in the workbench design.

Workbench Design Idea & Plans

This is a video of a bench that was built directly from the plans. There are a few very slight differences between this bench and the first one I built. Visually, the only difference is that the one from the plans has two stretchers on each side and the other one has just one stretcher on each side. Functionally, both versions are exactly the same. The real difference is that the revised version is much easier to build!

Why an Adjustable Height Workbench is a Great Idea

In this video I explain why I think an adjustable height workbench is such a great idea for woodworking.

Workbench Vise Installation Ideas

This video shows a few special things I did when I installed the vises on this workbench.

Adjustable Height Workbench Mobile Base Operation

This video explains how to operate the mobile base using a crank handle.

Adjustable Height Workbench Demonstration

This video shows me adjusting the workbench height with a crank handle.

Workbench Bloopers

In the end, it’s all about having fun.