Matt Cremona was gracious enough to invite me over one afternoon. This video is a quick tour of his shop and an update on his latest projects. I also did an interview with Matt that day!

Matt is building a sofa table for a class he is teaching for the Wood Whisper’s Guild. I was really impressed by this project. Matt worked out some challenging wood movement issues and as with all things Matt, he made it look easy.

It was fun to meet his son, JR, and his little dog, Pancake.

Matt has one of the best collections of lumber that I have ever seen outside of a full on lumber yard. 30″ slabs of ash, 4″ thick red oak, a trailer full of white oak, a large pile of bowl blanks, and a “small” walnut log slabbed, stickered, and waiting for a good home. He has got lumber stashed all over the place. It is everywhere you look. Leaning on the wall, stacked by the door, in the basement, by the fireplace, in the shed: everywhere! Truly, he is the envy of all his woodworking friends.

I really enjoyed myself that day. One of the most remarkable tools in Matt’s arsenal is a Beam Saw. The beam saw is a GIANT hand held circular saw. This thing has a 16-5/8″ blade! As much fun as I had joking around with Matt, I really, really enjoyed using the beam saw. The saw is heavy. I will guess that it is about 30 pounds, but that is only a guess. One of the things that surprised me about it was that it was not as noisy as I expected it to be. Hearing protection is still required, but it is quieter than most vacuum cleaners. I was also a bit surprised by how much it kicked when I first pulled the trigger. Even with its size, its weight, and its power I didn’t feel at all out of control with it and I would not hesitate to use one if I needed to.

Matt has a lot of other cool tools, too. The two that stand out are the 12″ Grizzly jointer and the chain saw mill. I would love to have such a nice jointer, but it weighs 900 pounds and I am not sure if I could get it into my shop since it is in the basement of my house.   My table saw and my bandsaw weigh about 450 pounds each and I had piano movers carry them down the stairs for me. But, that jointer weighs twice as much as either of them. Maybe someday.

Matt also showed me some of his previous projects, too. Most impressive was the large cherry secretary desk and bookcase. He also showed me the prototype for the table he is currently building and a complementary entertainment center that he built to go with it. I also got to see the new floor in his family room. Of course he milled the wood for that himself.

Matt Cremona Shop TourUntil Next Time –

Jack Bench