Custom Mobile Workbench

Mobile Workbench - The Jack BenchA mobile workbench gives greater flexibility and freedom in your work. That’s why when I first designed the Jack Bench, I knew that besides sturdiness, I would also want to be able to move it around. I don’t have a large workshop, and depending on what I was working on, I knew I would want the bench in different places and positions. Sometimes I would want the bench to be in the middle of my shop and sometimes it would need to be off to the side. So this meant that it had to be mobile as it would be too heavy to pick up and move around. This is why the Jack Bench is built with a mobile base inside the bench. A motorcycle jack is built onto the mobile base and when it is raised up, it lifts the bench onto the mobile base so that it can easily be wheeled around. Once the bench is lifted up, anyone, and I mean anyone, can move it around with ease. Now, while I designed it this way so that it could fit my small shop, I have heard from many other people about why they like the mobile base.

Mobile Base Workbench Benefits

Firstly, many people who have seen and or built this bench marvel at how easy it is to move around. I’m from Minnesota, and some of the wood workers I know use their multi-purpose garage as their work space. This made it hard for them to work in the winter as their benches would either be packed up against the wall and difficult to pull out to get work done, or the cars would be left out all night in the snow. And while some of them did leave the cars out all winter so they could work in the garage, their spouses were not happy about getting into cold cars covered with snow most mornings. But now, after building their own Jack Bench, they can wheel it out from the wall, work as long as they want, wheel it back and put the cars in the garage for the night so they’re nice and warm and snow-free in the morning.

But it’s also beneficial for climates other than snow-filled regions, too. For people who like to work outside, either because it’s a beautiful, sunny day, or because they have jobs such as sanding to do and want to get outside to do it, a mobile workbench is a great advantage. However, this works best for people who have a minimal lip between their garage and driveway.

And for anyone who is still in the process of adding tools, equipment, tables, and other furniture to their shop, a mobile workbench is great for when someone wants to redo the layout of their shop. Sometimes it takes a while for people to figure out the best layout – just like I’m sure we’ve all experienced in our countless projects – and it makes life easier when your workbench is mobile.

I’ve also found that with a mobile workbench, it makes clean up easier. I no longer have to try to get a broom or shop vac under the table. Now I just move it, clean up, and move the bench back. Simple as that.

Easy to Move Workbench

When I designed the mechanism for moving the Jack Bench. I knew it had to be fast and easy to adjust it from a stationary position to a moveable one, otherwise it just wouldn’t be very useful. That’s why the Jack Bench uses scissor car jacks so that a simple hand crank, or as I use, a power drill, is all you need to transform it from an immovable object to one that anyone can move easily. I think you’ll like the ease with which it works.