Scott Grove Part 2, 1

Mold Making, Bronze Cold Casting, and Edge Banding Irregular Shapes

On Sunday morning, Scott did an extensive demonstration on Mold Making and Bronze Cold Casting. What a wonderful way to spruce up your woodworking projects! Scott pointed out many times throughout the weekend that as much as we all love beautiful wood, that adding glass, cloth, metal, or some other kind of mixed media will almost always enhance your woodworking projects.

Then on Sunday afternoon he gave a detailed explanation and demonstration of his method for adding solid wood edging to veneered panels of REGARDLESS of their shape!

Below is Jeff Hand, President of the Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild and one of the best guys you would ever want to meet.
Scott Grove Part 2, 2

Mold Making and Bronze Cold Casting

On Sunday we learned how easy it is to reproduce any item with a silicone mold and some casting compound. What was really cool about this was the ability to coat that item with real bronze, or any other metal for that matter. Once completed the item you can polish, burnish, or add a patina just like you would with piece of solid bronze! My gosh this opens up a world of possibilities!

Scott Grove Part 2, 3This is a cold cast drawer pull with a real copper finish.

Scott Grove Part 2, 4Here is a carved mahogany shell that has been cast with a metallic finish. The pink box is the silicone mold that was used to produce the casting. The final product is so realistic and detailed that you can still see the wood grain.

Scott Grove Part 2, 5Again, the detail is so great that you can see the wood grain. No, this is not real wood!

Scott Grove Part 2, 6Above is another shell casting. Notice in this photo that he altered the shape of the casting while it was still soft. Scott recommends molding and casting products from the Smooth On company. One of the reasons he likes that company is for their customer service. If you call them and tell them what you are working on and the result your are looking for then they will help you select just the right products for your project.

For the molds Scott recommends using silicone. He said that urethane molding material is cheaper, but that silicone is easier to use. The extra cost is well worth the aggravation saved! The particular product he suggested was “Mold Star 16”.

Scott Grove Part 2, 7A “Bronze” leaf.

Scott Grove Part 2, 8Here’s a fun one. Scott made a mold of his thumb and inserted a thumb drive in to the casting while it was still soft. This is a true thumb drive!

Scott Grove Part 2, 9Above are Ed Neu and Jane Hillary, who volunteered to have their thumbs cast.

Scott Grove Part 2, 10Here are a few more examples of Scott’s bronze cold castings.

Scott Grove Part 2, 11The possibilities for cold casting are endless. This custom drawer pull is again shows how the use of mixed media can enhance your woodworking projects.

Scott Grove Part 2, 12Everybody had a good time! Above, Jeff Anderson and Lonnie Bryan.

Edge Banding Solid Wood On To A Veneered Substrate of Any Shape

Finally, on Sunday afternoon Scott showed us his method for fitting solid wood edge banding on to a veneered substrate. What is special about the technique that he uses is that he is able to perfectly match the solid wood to the substrate regardless of its shape! If you have ever tried to edge band an irregular curve then you know how valuable this can be.

Scott Grove Part 2, 13Scott uses a router with specially made guide bushings to match the edge banding to the substrate. Look at all the different curves, and they all match perfectly! Notice too how Scott shaped the edge banding for an artistic effect.

Scott Grove Part 2, 14Scott Grove and Charlie Kocourek