Woodworking, Workbench, & Other Informational Links

Following are a few links that I think are either useful, entertaining, or informative.

Jack Bench Woodworking Google Plus Page
I have a lot of fun and interesting things to see on my G+ Page!

Jack Bench Woodworking’s YouTube Channel
There are even more cool videos on my YouTube Channel!

Scott Grove
By any measure, Scott Grove is world class woodworker!  Check out my blog entries on the seminar he did for the Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild.

Stop Loss Bags
Check out this brand new product to keep your varnishes from going bad.

Workbench Design.net
Workbench Design is the single best website I have found for researching different workbenches.  You might want to incorporate some ideas from this site into your Adjustable Height Workbench.

I recently noticed that Woodcraft has an excellent Record style face vise.  Actually, it is an exact replica of the original Record 52 1/2 quick release vise.

Rockler is a great supplier of woodworking supplies and equipment.  I bought my Record style vise at Rockler. I also bought the router bushing inlay kit and the ball catches for the bench dogs at Rockler.

Highland Hardware
Highland Woodworking has just about any woodworking tool that you would ever need.  They have a great selection of vises, including Record style vises and the Veritas Twin Screw Vise.

Woodworker’s Supply
This is a link to Woodworker’s Supply.  They have the best levelers for a workbench that I could find anywhere.

Lee Valley Tools
This is a link to a PDF of the instructions on how to install the Veritas Twin Screw Vise.  These instructions are very good and very helpful.

Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild
I can’t say enough good things about this organization!  If you live in Minnesota then you owe it to yourself to check out the Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild.

Mark Laub Studio
Mark Laub is one of the most creative furniture designers you are likely to meet.  Take a look at his portfolio!

Tom Schrunk
Tom Schrunk is truly a master veneer artisan.

Fine Woodworking
There is a wealth of information on the Fine Woodworking website.

The Best of You Tube 
A collection of, you guessed it, the best videos on You Tube.  Check out the Product Design category.