Martin Collier built the most unique Adjustable Height Workbench that I’ve ever seen.  Marty started with a set of workbench plans from this website, but he customized it like you wouldn’t believe.  He wanted an easy way to adjust his bench height, but he didn’t want to use a cordless drill to do it.  So, he installed a 12 volt battery, wiring, switches, and a motorized RV jack.  Now he can adjust his bench from 29.5″ up to 42″  with the push of a button!

Marty's bench at 29.5

Marty’s workbench adjusted all the way down to 29.5″

Over the years, I’ve tested many different scissors jacks for use in the Jack Bench.  My testing revealed that RV jacks are “generally” not suitable for this because they don’t have enough mechanical advantage at the heights required for the adjustable height workbench.  However, you can buy heavy duty 12v motors that are designed specifically for RV’s.  These little motors have plenty of power to operate the bench, and that is exactly what Marty choose to do with his bench.

RV Jack Motor adjusts bench height

The motorized RV jack inside Marty’s adjustable height workbench

I actually considered adding one of these to my own bench.  I envisioned a lithium battery that plugged into a socket on the side of my bench, but I never got past the dreaming phase. LOL!  Don’t get me wrong, I think a motorized workbench would be awesome!!!  It’s just that a cordless drill works so well for me that I can’t justify the extra work or the expense.

I love the design process and apparently Marty does too because he also designed a foot operated mobile base.  Again, no cordless drills.

Workbench Mobile Base

Marty’s mobile base is operated with this foot pedal

Marty didn’t stop there.  He also designed a sliding deadman that works with an adjustable height bench.  I had another deadman design, but Marty’s is a bit more elegant than what I was thinking of.

Bench Jack

A better view of the sliding deadman on Marty’s adjustable height bench

Finally, Marty also added tee tracks to the top and along one side of his bench to give him even more flexibility when clamping things down.

I admire Marty’s creativity, innovation, and determination.  I also love that he motorized his workbench!