I mentioned in my last update that I was recently invited to be a Contributing Editor for Woodworkers Guild of America. I am happy to announce that the first video and accompanying article that I did for them are now available for viewing at: WWGOA Slab Flattening Video and Article

This first video for WWGOA is similar to the slab flattening video on my YouTube channel. Honestly, I think the one for WWGOA is a little better!

I think there are two reasons for this:

  1. After I made the first slab flattening video I realized there were a few things I could have done better.  Making a similar video for WWGOA gave me an opportunity to make those changes.
  2. I do my absolute best when I make my videos, I really do.  But, when I do a video for the Woodworkers Guild of America I am working with George Vondriska and George reviews everything for me before it goes public. Basically, two sets of eyes are better than one!

I would love to hear your comparison between these two videos.

For the WWGOA flattening video I used a 16″ walnut “cookie” that I got from Matt Cremona. Now that the video is complete I have a 5″ thick slice of walnut that is nice and flat, but I don’t have a project for it. I think it would a pretty nice, but very rustic, end table and I hate to see it go to waste.

I am giving this slab away to the first person who asks for it! It could make a nice rustic table top.

So, I AM GOING TO GIVE THE WALNUT SLAB AWAY to anyone who has a use for it. First come first serve. I would rather not ship it across the country, but you can pick it up from me at my house in the Twin Cities. OR, I will bring it with me to Woodworking in America and give it to you while I I am in Cincinnati.  Just send me an email to let me know that you want it: charlie@jack-bench.com

Zippy with the Cherry Bookcase that I built this week

What I have really been busy with this week is a bookcase. A friend of mine asked me to build one for her grandsons and I agreed. It took a while before she confirmed that she really did want it and just what she wanted it to look like. When I finally got the word, she needed it in 2-1/2 days! Consequently, this update video got pushed back a few days.  I will have a video and an article on this project soon.

Child’s Rocking Chair

The dog chewed the end off of this rocker

Last week a friend of mine brought in a child’s rocking chair that the dog had chewed on and asked me to repair it for him. That will be one of my next projects.

My featured YouTube video this week is Kyle Toth’s Hall Table video. Actually, all of Kyle’s videos are great but I especially liked this one!

I hope to see you at Woodworking in America next week!!!!